Lipstick line launched by Lisa Wu of Real Housewives of Atlanta
Lipstick line launched by Lisa Wu of Real Housewives of Atlanta

Lip Addyct announced today they have partnered with Real Housewives of Atlanta’s star Lisa Wu to launch a new line of lipsticks named “Chameleon.”

“When making the decision to enter the lipstick market, we decided to partner with an entrepreneur we admire and Lisa Wu fits the bill,” said Adrienne Owens, owner of Lip Addyct. “She’s fearless and works hard to push her brands. We knew she’d bring that same enthusiasm and work ethic to her line and we are pleased with the results.”

The cosmetics company, based in Memphis, TN, produces a line of lip care products that includes lip glosses, lip lacquers, lipsticks and lip balms.

Lipstick-line-Lisa-Wu“Our glosses have been and continue to be extremely successful.
We offer every type of lip gloss one can imagine and they’ve been highly embraced nationwide,” adds Owens.
Chameleon by Lisa Wu is a line of lightweight, paraben-free, smooth and creamy lipsticks which has been formulated to care for the lips while providing them with a long-lasting and rich colour.

“I’m honored and humbled to have the opportunity to have my very own signature lipstick line with Lip Addyct,” said Lisa Wu. “Chameleon by Lisa Wu ‘represents every woman and the various roles which so many women effortlessly transition to and from on a daily basis in their lives as mothers, significant others, career women, BFF’s to their girlfriends, which is exactly what a chameleon does as it changes its colors to adapt to the environments it enter,” says Lisa. “I’m especially proud of the fact that the Lip Addyct products are cruelty-free and safe for the environment.”

Lisa broke into the national scene several years ago by starring in the first three seasons of BRAVO’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. The talented actress/author/entrepreneur now travels around the country speaking to young girls and women’s organizations about empowerment, self-esteem and the importance of supporting other women.

Source: C. Daniel Baker, Black Enterprise

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